Shown above is an example of a carport solar array producing an average of $17,280 of electricity annually.

Why make the switch?

To reduce your cost of energy from $0.48 per kWh to as low as$0.10 per kWh.

Federal Tax Credit

For the business community of the U.S.V.I., there is a 30% Federal Tax Credit for photovoltaic systems.   Take advantage

of this incredible government incentive by scheduling an appointment for a free energy audit and solar

installation estimate.

Call today for your Free Energy Audit in the U.S.V.I.

340.201.4752     U.S.V.I. Customers

1.888.462.5005  Florida Customers

Virgin Islands WISE Program

The Virgin Islands has now implemented the program to grant businesses incentives to use energy efficient practices and

integrate renewable technology.

Visit the link below for more details:

Financing And Leasing Available

We offer 0% interest rates on all of our financing options, further reducing the cash requirement.

Leasing options are  available with rates as low as 10% APR.

Clean Energy Production

By implementing a renewable, sustainable, and reliable source of energy, your photovoltaic array will harness

energy from the sun.  Create a zero impact carbon footprint while reducing your utility to zero.

Production Guaranteed

All of our solar installations include a 25 Year Warranty on panels, 10 Year Warranty on inverters, and a 5 Year

Contractor’s Warranty.